Sequester Friday

And the sun still rose in the east… 

US oil production surges to a 20-year high at the end of 2012 to over 7 million barrels a day (EIA) (Mark Perry) is positive far beyond direct employment, and includes manufacturing (Business Insider) and balance of trade.  Plus shale natural gas

US Durable Goods Orders at Yardeni.

Remarkable Stat on Real GDP at Crossing Wall Street.

Is the cyclical run over?  Short Side of Long  Is this Beginning of a Bear Market?  JC Parets

Doom and gloom headlines generates clicks on the internet, so we try to avoid it.  That said, Warning: Stocks Likely to Crater from Here:  Losses of over 50% may be in store by Chris Martenson.  More by Walter Zimmerman.

Why I Love Dividend Achievers by Charles Sizemore.

“By 2025, annual consumption in emerging markets will reach $30 trillion—the biggest growth opportunity in the history of capitalism.”  Mckinsey

CRB Index Shows the Sideways Market in Commodities

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  1. and set in the West….

    The cost of Kraut electricity rose by over 60% in the past decade…Thank you Mr Enviroman!

    We plan to go 100% cashola by the mid of April…

    Purchased puts on CLF at $28.oo April 25…In the last month, ChiCom Iron ore prices have declined by $9 bucks per ton…

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