Investors are what they read (AR).  Thus you subscribe to Independent Stock AnalysisUnfortunately, I haven’t found a whole lot for today.  But I’m committed to posting only worthwhile stuff.

“…suggests a definitive positive turning point in the global economy.”  Later: “In fact, when the leading indicators start heading higher–and economies start growing–the expansion usually lasts for a median 12 month. That means this rally, could just be getting started, Ned Davis Research said.”  Barron’s

5 Reasons to Remain Cyclically Bullish (Pragmatic Capitalism) and 6 Downside Market Risks (Pragmatic Capitalism).

Frank Holmes natural resources conference callThis will keep you busy for over an hour…

“Accelerating global energy efficiency means fuel use is rising far slower than prosperity, largely because Chinese industrial development is increasingly energy efficient, a study by oil company BP Plc found.”  Reuters

“This supports our belief that Energy has been, and still is in a bull market relative to the S&P500.”  All-Star Charts

Gasoline taxes are shrinking on the back of fuel efficiency and less driving.  Daily Beast

FYI:  The reverend-jim-bob Cramer from-the-church-of-what’s-working-now looks pessimistic on natural gas.  CNBC

Hmmm:  Seaway Pipeline No Panacea for Cushing’s Oil Glut at Econ Matters.

Future production from U.S. shale or tight oil at Econ Browser.

Number of the Week: Are U.S. Oil Imports Up or Down?  WSJ

Markets are closed next Monday for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

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  1. JJ, I appreciate that. One thing: You understandably post articles. That is great. But one thing about only reading articles is that they only give “snap shots” of the situation. And today, because of the internet, reading of books (other than novels) is becoming a lost “art”. But reading good books gives a much bigger perspective. Obviously you cannot cannot post whole books, but I assume that you have learned a lot by reading good books. I know that books are what gave me my foundation in investing: writers like Mark Mobius, Dave Dreman, Peter Lynch, Marty Whitman, Warren Buffet, Jeremy Sielgel, Michael Thomsett, and many others. Might you sometime suggest your best books for investing.

  2. When I wrote: “I appreciate that”, I was referring to your comment:
    “Investors are what they read (AR). Thus you subscribe to Independent Stock Analysis. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a whole lot for today. But I’m committed to posting only worthwhile stuff.”

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