Oil World

Futures are down this morning:  Bloomberg.

“The world faces “major questions” over adequacy of oil supplies…North Sea Brent crude production has halved over the past decade…on track to drop to half of that level by 2020″ at CME Group.

A reality check for the promise of the oil sands at Globe and Mail.

The U.S. car culture continues to change.  Today a cell phone, not a car, is the big teen rite of passage.  Percentage of teen drivers continues to drop at U of M.

So the worldwide auto industry is booming while emerging market cars are driven a small fraction of those stateside.  Interesting stats:  Green Car Congress.

The Bakken and the Mississippian Lime: A Comparison at Energy Harbinger.

Companies new, old jockey for position in Ohio’s rapidly developing Utica play at Crains.