Commodity and Economy

Commodities Unbound! at WSJCommodity markets look for hero in China at Marketwatch.  If Chinese GDP growth declines to 6.5%, then industrial commodities are to be avoided.  Ritholtz

As for precious metals, CPI inflation is not important (Ritholtz).  Consider the money printing:  Goldman  Estimate: QE3 could be $1.2 to $2.0 Trillion at Calculated Risk.  Just how easy is the Fed?  Crossing Wall Street.

U.S. cars sales expected to reach a 54-month high this month from Mark PerryPent up demand for new homes is bringing home-builders back to life at Sober Look.  Housing’s shadow inventory is declining rapidly at Sober Look.

Invest in the market you have, as opposed to your ideology.  Peak Prosperity.