Oil Assumptions

Oil Trades Near One-Week Low as U.S. Manufacturing Contracts at Bloomberg.

2012 US Oil Production Will Be Highest In 14 Years & US Oil Boom Gets Bigger (John Hanger via EIA).

Saudi Arabia may become oil importer by 2030: Citigroup at National Post.  Be assured this will not occur as price and economics will evolve our world.

“In 1973, it took 15.41 thousand BTU to produce one dollar of GDP; by 1995 10.02; and today 7.31 thousand BTU per dollar of GDP.”  John Hanger

Precious metal are the first and chief beneficiary of monetary mischief.  Oil comes in second in my opinion.  Sober Look

After overpaying in for fringe Bakken acreage earlier in the year, MHR took a beating.  Perhaps the chart is constructive as a spec play:  Stockcharts.  ExxonMobil as a Dividend Growth Stock.

The shale gas plays are plentiful and ginormous.  The Duvernay is just one more.  Investor Place