NG, Coal, Oil, PM’s

Natural gas crushes coal:  “In 1985, coal accounted for 57 percent of all power generated in the United  States. Last year, it was 42 percent. The U.S. Energy Information Administration  estimates it will fall to 40 percent this year. Prices for Appalachian coal are  down 24 percent over the past 12 months; for coal from the Powder River Basin in  Montana and Wyoming, they’re down 45 percent.”  SF Gate

Natural gas charts; rig count third one down:  EIA

Marginal oil production costs for new barrels is higher than I would have thought:  FT Alphaville

Sending Canadian production to Ontario rather than south to the US is proposed to help with the mid-continent glut (for WSJ articles google the title to read the whole thing):  WSJ

Petrodollars:  Economist

Extensive precious metal chart analysis:  Peter Brandt

Gold stocks behavior in a gold bull:  Minyanville