Buying This Dip Historically Makes Sense at All Star Charts while Dennis Gartman Just Dumped All Of His Stocks (AMP 2012).

“Australia’s resources minister on Thursday declared the end of the country’s mining boom…”  Reuters.  Meanwhile, The 10 Most Widely Held Stocks in Hedge Funds does not contain a single commodity name including the world’s largest industry, the oil and gas sector.  What Would QE3 Mean for Commodities? at WSJ.

Stock market cycles and patterns at IBD.  Interesting stock market history at Crossing Wall Street.  Dow Jones 1900 to present at Stockcharts.  Dow Jones 1910 to seen differently:  Kimble Charting Solutions.

Mission Impossible:  beating the market over long periods of time at Turn Key Analyst.

The Lost Decade of the Middle Class by Pew Research Center.  The only prescriptions:  1) Industry and thrift.  2) Rise early, work hard, strike oil!  Neither is easy.

Auto’s are strong at Detroit News.