Gold Breakout

This spring and summer ISA monitored the gold stock double bottom.  For the last six we have been noting and waiting for a gold breakout.  It happened this week.  Gold, Silver ETFs Screaming Buys: Asset Managers at IBD.

Gold future traders examined at Zeal.  Gold gets some press at Bloomberg and WSJ.  Negative real interest rate policy thoughts by Eric Sprott.

The big news yesterday was one political party forming a ‘gold commission’.  Be assured they are as serious about a gold standard as the other party is about bring troops home.  But it is still quite gold positive (CNBC).  The 10 Countries With The Biggest Gold Reserves In The World at Business Insider.

Excellent analysis of gold vs stocks:  Gold Seek.  The gold bull market against stocks may be about half over in an unclear chart.  The two year chart shows the long consolidation.

An outstanding piece on silver:  Herbert Moolman.

When you hear the politicians debating 10 year budgets, remember they know nothing.  The 10 year budget from 2002 was off in debt held by the public as 2 is to 11.  In trillions.  (Bruce Krasting)  And yes, that is fundamental to the gold bull thesis.

Not gold related:  Independent Stock Analysis is number one in industrial goods at Stocktwits, straight across from some guy named Jim Cramer.

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