Insourcing Oil & Gas

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“…against this rather cautionary global refining backdrop, we would reiterate our structurally positive view on U.S. refining fundamentals, which continue to sit at a huge cost-advantaged position resulting from the disconnect in domestic crude (and natural gas) prices.”  Raymond James

North America will be energy independent, refining expert says at Fuel Fix.

Rig count:  Haynesville Play.

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Natural Gas NationNational Geographic.

Natural gas continues to need help:  “Weather forecasts in general continue to indicate moderate temperatures through mid-December. Although there are now suggestions that late December may turn cold, early December has been well above normal. The bulk of the heating season still remains. However, if weather related demand does not materialize quickly, prices are headed much lower.”  Kyle Cooper

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Non-OPEC Crude Oil Production ex USA 2002-2012