Energy Bonanza

Expect the Bakken boys to report stellar Q2 numbers:  “April…was the largest year-over-year increase in the state’s history at 73.5%…) via Mark Perry.  Also, The Bakken Buck Starts Here – Bakken Crude Pricing – Part II at RBN Energy.

Lower oil prices will crimp industry spending by Peter Tertzakian in the Globe and Mail.

Notes from a Pickens interview on CNBC:  Million Dollar Way.

Sad news for peak oil disciples in the Financial Post.

In Canada, Oil and gas juniors adjust, but still get no respect from Financial Post.

Blackstone CEO: Now is the Time for Long-Term Energy Investments at Oil Price.

Oil Prices Could See a Major Shift in Direction in the Near Future from Oil Price.

Exxon Mobil’s Tillerson:  “There is huge shale potential in shale rocks in West Siberia…The exploration work will take years to establish if the reserves are commercially viable…”  Fox Business

This editorial alludes to higher US production and lower imports leading to a lower risk premium inherent in the price of oil.  Washington Examiner

The Coal Waterfall Still Searching for a Bottom by ChessNwine.  Taking a look at coal royalty name Natural Resource Partners might be worthwhile:  Seeking Alpha.

This is as important for natural gas as it is for coal:  “My analysis indicated approximately 41.1 GW of capacity, or about 17% of existing capacity, is vulnerable to retirement by 2020, 90% of this by 2015.”  Doyle Trading Consultants.

The World’s Biggest Natural Gas Powerhouses; cool stuff at Business Insider.

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