Morgan Stanley’s Complete Outlook For The 14 Most Important Commodities In The World:  Business Insider

Bakken primer:  Oppidan

Usually industry is the punching bag of the politicians.  Yesterday the API called the EPA out of touch with reality.  Today down under “it was frightening how little politicians in Canberra understood the industry.”  The Austrailian

“Exxon Mobil is studying the possibility of exporting natural gas from the U.S. Gulf Coast and Canada as new shale drilling has unlocked enough  new natural-gas reserves to meet domestic demand for years to come and allow  exports, Chief Executive Rex Tillerson said Wednesday.  Exports of natural gas will create jobs, increase tax revenues and help the  U.S. trade balance…”   Fox Business

The 10 year US treasury’s yield drops 7% to 1.62%.  I can’t see that low.  Bespoke