Strong Healing

Why China is Tunneling a Mind-Boggling 800 Miles in 2 Years by Frank Holmes.

Signs of Global Healing by Humble Student.

Is the Economy Stronger Than We Think? by Bonddad.

  • “Residential investment and housing starts are usually the best  leading indicator for economy.  Nothing is foolproof as a leading  indicator, but this suggests the economy will continue to grow over the next  couple of years.”  Calculated Risk
  • “The shale gas and oil bonanza is transforming America’s energy outlook and boosting its economy.”  The Economist
  • “According to a report released by the Wood Mackenzie firm in early January, Eagle Ford is now the largest oil and gas development on the face of the earth based on total capital expenditures.”  Forbes
  • The dollar as a petro-currency is pontificated by Don Coxe.

A simple registration is required, but enjoy the BMO Capital Markets Global Metals & Mining Conference.  If one is to own individual securities, the presentations are a must listen.  Just don’t drink the Kool-Aid.

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