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ChessNwine has become the top technical analyst I follow, and he’ll tell you the bulls have the initiative.  Maybe stocks are poised for another melt-up rally (Financial Sense).  Josh Brown posted One Direction 30 minutes prior to the morning high.  Or perhaps the caution flags are being ignored (See It Market and Decision Point).

It’s a tough world out there.  After putting their competitors out of business, who would have thought an outstanding big box retailer like Best Buy would have strong headwinds and trouble making money.

The S&P 500 made a new post financial crisis intraday new high today.  However, the Shanghai Composite is down for the year and in grave danger, being The Chart That Keeps US Up At Night (Big Picture and Chart of the Day).

Doug Kass makes a strong case to Get Ready for the Fall (The Street).

Who are we to handicap The ECB to potentially target periphery yields via unlimited buying (Sober Look) or if Germany may give a little (Big Picture)?  Is the reflation trade back (FCX at ChessNwine) or is copper striking out (Peter Brandt)?

We do understand the “most-important single feature of modern economies is growth (Bill Bonner at his best).”  The real possibility of a beautiful deleveraging aside, this debt soaked world is binary.  Policymakers will provide enough stimulus or not.

Independent Stock Analysis is here to help navigate the investment world.  Rather than tell you what ought to be done, the information presented will assist your thought process in your unique station.  Education and ideas are offered rather false confidence and directives.  Thoughtfulness replaces hype.

ISA is an outstanding productivity tool.  I keep it organized.  Intellectual honesty is paramount.

You found Independent Stock Analysis while scouring the internet for investment information.  “The Magic of Compound Interest” (Jeff Saut) makes sense to you while knowing it’s a dangerous world for our hard earned capital.

The $100 annual membership fee for Independent Stock Analysis is less than one trade with a full service broker.  Consider joining today!