Shale vs Net Export Oil

Oil Trades Near Four-Month High on Signs of Improving Economy at Bloomberg.

Gas rigs down 4, oil rigs up 4, rig count unchanged at Haynesville Play.

“Oil production from the North Dakota portion of the Bakken shale formation topped 600,000 barrels a day for the first time in July, up 69 percent from a year earlier.”  Fuel Fix

Still bearish on pricing:  Raymond James.  Meanwhile, Crude oil ought to be $150 per barrel: Iran (Reuters).  Think ‘net exports’ (Saudi Gazette).  The Export Land ModelWikipedia.

Japan aims to abandon nuclear power by 2030s at Financial Post.  “Right now Japan is replacing a lot of the power by revving up fossil fuel use.”

Dollar Destruction Has Been Good For Commodities by All-Star Charts.