Rebalancing Global Oil Flows

Investors seem to be obsessing over yesterday’s large sudden fall in oil prices.  Perhaps the event was random; perhaps the event means SPR oil is coming to market.  More important is the rebalancing of global oil flows.

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“The last time we had a presidential election, the U.S. was going to run out of oil. Since then, U.S. oil production has grown about 25%. As has happened in the past, technology has opened doors people didn’t know were there or didn’t think could be opened.”

Meanwhile, “With this generation, what owning a car means is completely different from previous generations,” said Annalisa Bluhm, a spokeswoman for General Motors. “It was a rite of passage. Now the right of passage is a cell phone.”  CNN

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The Saudi’s look to solar:  “During the summer the Saudis burn as much as one million barrels a day of crude oil—about 10% of their current production—for their own power (electric) consumption.”  WSJ