Golden Riddle

Question:  What is more bullish than continuous money printing?

Answer:  An ever increasing rate of money printing!  Here the history of bringing NGDP to the mainstream blogosphere:  Economist.

NGDP will be the next step.  What is NGDP?  WSJ

All Signs Pointing to Gold by Frank Holmes.

Gold hit an all-time high in Euro’s last week:  Gold MoneyBoA/Merrill Lynch sees 24-month gold target of $2,400/oz at Platts.

“…gold derives its value as a put on government finances. The more egregious the fiscal and monetary policy, the more valuable gold becomes.”  (CFA Institute)  The federal deficit chart totally blows up in the next recession (James Turk).

Bill Bonner on How a Zombocracy Ends at the Daily Reckoning.

Fiat Money Kills Productivity:  Azizonomics.

At the risk of getting political, the inflation tax on the poor needs to be explained much better:  How Quantitative Easing Helps the Rich and Soaks the Rest of Us (Reason).  Donald Trump Says Quantitative Easing Will Mainly Help The Rich (Business Insider).

For John:

U.S. Balks at GM: Plan Government Is Reluctant to Sell Auto Stake at a Huge Loss Source:WSJ

ISA is watching the industrial metals too.   BHP turns bullish with classic breakout at CMC Markets.  Also, 2012: The Year of the Housing Recovery, Updated by Mark Perry.