Precious Metal Gold Bugs

Note this chart of credit adjusted gold from Real Return Investing at Ritholtz.  This piece might be the most worthwhile read of the week.

UBS warns of possible hyperinflation:  Zero Hedge

“On Thursday, gold futures recorded a negative 12-month return for the first time since July 2009. This is a rare occurrence over the past decade, happening on only 118 trading days, or just 4.5% of the time.”  WSJ

“If we tabulate a 33% increase in valuations, a 100% increase in margins and a 32% increase in production, it yields share price growth of 250%. This equates to HUI 1400 in 2014.”  (I reversed the bold numbers-JJ)  Daily Gold

Meanwhile, the gold miners are still stuck in the mud:  Market Anthropology.

Gold Stocks are due for a “Bounce!”  Is a 30-year under-performance long enough? at Kimble Charting Solutions.  The gold price direction:  Peter Brandt.

Rick Rule on the tightness in the physical silver market:  King World News.

Is Silver about to rally 10%? at Kimble Charting Solutions.  This silver chart is the largest symmetrical triangle I have ever seen:  Nifty Charts.

Europe Runs Over the Platinum Price at WSJ.