Oil & Gas

Oil Drops From Two-Month High in New York as U.S. Demand Eases at Bloomberg.

I do not know the source, but “Active rigs in North Dakota: 198. Down from the boom’s high of 218.” at Million Dollar Way.

Despite the US shale boom, why is world wide oil supply not going to go any higher?

  • “(Petrobras) said major increases in output were unlikely before 2015 despite $237 billion in planned spending. The 2012-2016 plan is the world’s largest corporate investment program.”  Reuters
  • “Crude production from sanctions-hit Iran will fall by about 1 million b/d in 2012 to 2.6 million b/d by the end of the year” at Platts.

“Crude-oil futures bounced up over $1 at one point Monday after a false Twitter rumor exposed the oil market’s knee-jerk fear of Mideast turmoil.”  WSJ

Easy to understand accounting speak:  Oil Companies Provide Different Shale Accounts at the WSJ.

Exxon Mobil Set to Become a $500 Billion Company by Dragonfly.  Pretty cool oil and gas Gulf of Mexico picture graph:  EIA.

The illustrated guide to America’s natural gas:  Visual Capitalist.

Aubrey receives constant criticism over leading the land grab, yet he clearly understood the need to secure the best assets as Race for B.C.’s natural gas assets heats up at the Financial Post.

One big energy bull:  “If you are bullish on natural gas, buy US coal companies.”  See my latest here.