O&G Earnings & Treadmills

Oil Near Three-Month High Amid Speculation of Chinese Stimulus at Bloomberg.  Yet Oil May Retreat on Fastest Stockpiling Rate in 14 Years also at Bloomberg.

US shale production booms, yet “North Sea crude oil output is set to fall to a record low in September, adding to supply tightness with the European Union’s embargo on Iranian oil now in its second month.”  Reuters  The more wonkish version:  Reuters.  The shocking chart of the North Sea treadmill.  Perhaps this is keeping the Brent:WTI spread stubbornly high.

Continental Resources’ Record Production In the Second Quarter of 2012 Prompts Higher 2012 Growth Guidance (CLR).  Northern Oil continues on my radar screen (NOG).  Seems Rosetta is almost an Eagle Ford pure play (ROSE).  Perhaps Chesapeake is though the valley:  WSJ.  Remember when we loved Canadian Natural Resources?  Are they back?  (CNQ)

“O’Donnell said, the Mississippi lime “will be a good ancillary asset for most companies, rather than a ‘company-changer.'””  OGJ

“Retail gasoline prices in the U.S. Midwest were as much as 50 cents higher than in the rest of the country.”  Oil Price

XOM inverse head and shoulders from ChessNwine.

Perhaps the fall shoulder season will be difficult for natural gas as production tries to roll over:  Financial Post.  A look at the crude oil:natural gas ratio:  RBN Energy.