Natural Gas Catch Up

Raymond James Energy Stat of the Week:  Don’t expect supply to be a team player.  Raymond James

Natural Gas Head Fake?  Can the 44% price run-up be sustained?  RBN Energy

That 44% run-up put in perspective in the chart at the top of this Energy Costs & Reshoring in the USA blog post:  Yardeni

Be careful with mainstream press articles depicting the export of North American natural gas as some kind of panacea:  Natural Gas Producers in Survival Mode at the Financial Post and Why American Natural Gas Will Change The World at ForbesThe global LNG market is only about 27 bcf/d in size.  US and Canadian producers can crash that market too.

Japanese  Buyers Line Up for U.S. Shale Gas:  Loss of Nuclear Power Plants, Cheap Prices Bring Investors: Will Department of Energy Approve Exports Over Objections.  WSJ  (Google the title and click through to read the whole story.)

The rig count from last Friday, with chart:  Haynesville Play