Mostly Gas

Oil Trades Near One-Week High as U.S. Manufacturing Expands at Bloomberg.

America’s booming energy industry has emerged as the no. 1 job-creating sector of the U.S. economy by Mark Perry.  The horizontal drilling boom being bullish for the U.S. is difficult to overstate:  News OK.

“This year is on track to be the most expensive ever for drivers, as gasoline prices soared to all-time highs for September, the fifth record-breaking month in 2012, according to AAA.”  Fuel Fix

A full 55 pages of oil sands research:  BMO.

Don’t look now, but November natural gas is $3.51 and December contracts are $3.79.  U.S. Natural Gas Gains a Fifth Day After Supply Forecasts at Bloomberg.

Demand For Natural Gas Is Breaking Records at Business Insider.

Natural gas production has leveled off.  Once the backlog of uncompleted wells is worked through a strong cycle looks to occur.  U.S. marketed natural gas production levels off in the first half of 2012 at the EIA.

“Nat Gas has completed major long-term chart bottom”  Peter Brandt.

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  1. My call for $2.25 NG, is not looking good.

    Mr Butler, thanks for the article on oil sands! More reading for the ignorant.

    The energy industry needs a million march frack, on WDC.
    Their theme should be – while they idly quack and redact, we frack and have your back.

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