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What the Fed’s Historic Bet Means for You by Mohamed A. El-Erian.

Kass: Still Short Bonds at The Street.

Bill Gross monthly Investment Outlook.

No wonder “…strategists have never been that bearish according to Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s sell-side indicator.”  Spach Analyst  (PS, this is bullish.)


Source: Bank of America Merrill Lynch

“We think the trend in non-precious metals commodities is down for the next twelve months, as a consequence of very weak demand from all major economic regions.”  Rick Rule

France facing double-dip recession at Sober Look.

Bernanke’s speech yesterday was roundly approved by the mainstream and blogosphere as forthright and dazzling (Reformed Broker).

However, one goldbug referenced the same speech as “audacious, so utterly disingenuous” (TF Metals) and takes it apart.

Another goldbug claims QE4 has been announced:  “He (Charles Evans) said that the Fed should continue buying at least $45 billion more of long-term Treasuries, even after Operation Twist ends in January.”  King World News.  I disagree.  This would really just be a continuation of QE3 and Twist.  My off the radar call is for QE4 to be NGDP and to be a couple of years away.