Investment Smorgasbord

The U.S. Housing Bust is Over (WSJ).  “Vacancies are dropping rapidly on the back of a significant and growing shortage of housing in the market.”  (Economist).  Anecdotal news reports such as Des Moines home sales increase 14% from June 2011 seem ubiquitous (Des Moines Register).

Nick Barisheff on $10,000 gold (Minyanville).  The comparison of the current gold stock bull market (LOL?) to the 60’s and 70’s was particularly interesting:  Daily Gold.  Yet even mighty Goldcorp seems to be a serial disappointer at Yahoo.  But the fundamentals are not in doubt, as There is no exit plan (Gold Money) while the mainstream still has no idea how to even look at gold (Dismal Optimist).

ECRI’s Achuthan: We’re in a recession already from Ritholtz.

“I am presently long Bonds for a swing trade because I believe the market is driving to the final high. Wherever this high is, it is likely to be a high for 50 or more years.”  Peter Brandt

Three doves coo louder and one hawk stands firm at the WSJ.  I speculate the strike price for the ‘Bernanke put’ is continually rising, but here is another take:  Zero Hedge.

Corn:  Sell the news.  ” The USDA report, released early Wednesday, detailed a 12% reduction in acreage yield, on what had been a record-breaking planting for corn this spring.”  Marketwatch

College as an indentured student program:  Bloomberg