First I wrote a Seeking Alpha article to suggest replacing bonds with an income equity security and I received push back from mainstream investors.  So I wrote a second article on the barbell strategy as a means to replace bonds without increasing the portfolio volatility or perceived risk, this time receiving push back on the underlying assumption bonds are a bubble.  My most recent article:  Defining the Bond Bubble.  All of my Seeking Alpha articles are posted on the ‘Essays’ page here at ISA.  Be warned, those articles are for an audience less sophisticated than most blog readers.

Barry Ritholtz is a pragmatic, middle of the road commentator.  He was all over the housing bubble.  But he is not in the Austrian economics school of thought.  The mainstream just don’t get it.  Barry Ritholtz  Charlie Munger on gold at Business Insider.

Bretton_Woods at Investor Village with some huge technical analysis.

Frank Holmes on gold.  Student loan debt (Sober Look) and public pension problems coupled with ridiculous assumptions only add to the shiny metal allure (Business Week).  Why?  Because the problems will be papered over.

Meanwhile gold stocks plunge to new lows:  Stockcharts