Goldbug Saturday

The race to the bottom goes mainstream:  Reformed Broker.

Precious Metal Summer Doldrums at Zeal.

Richard Russell:  Inflate, die or revalue.  321Gold

Bill Fleckenstein:  “And the bond market or the currency market or a combination of the two will take the printing press away…What I am salivating over is the chance to really press my gold position.  I think the next leg is going to be really, really powerful.”  King World News

“Whatever is needed to paper over the excesses of the banking industry will be provided.”  Peter Pham

“just in the first five months of 2012 alone, China has imported more gold, a total of 315 tons, than all the official gold holdings of the UK”  Zero Hedge

Central Banks are gold buyers:  Azizonomics

Metals Still Pouncing on Major Support Levels from ChessNwine.  Silver chart at Kimble Charting Solutions.