Oil Energy

Crude Oil Futures Drop From One-Week High at Bloomberg.

The Supply Side of Oil by Elliot Gue.

“The course of US production into 2020 will be more dependent than usual on price. An increasing portion of total global production is crowded into the marginal price band of $80-$100 a barrel, and yet the world economy appears to struggle-on the demand side-at that very same level.”  Gregor

Off-shore dayrates very strong:  Fuel Fix.

Energy Stat of the Week:  When Should E&Ps Slow Down Oily Activity? Cost Curve Says Not Soon Enough by Raymond James.

Shale will free US from oil imports, says ex-BP boss at BBC.

The best rig count charts:  Haynesville Play.  The Eagle Ford rig count is huge at 280 at Eagle Ford Shale.

“…natural gas liquids producers may report second-quarter earnings below analysts’ estimates as tumbling prices…”  Bloomberg

Competition among fuels for power generation driven by changes in fuel prices at the EIA.

LNG big picture look from the Economist.  “A nosedive in natural gas spot prices in Asia over the last month…”  Reuters