Goldbug Delight

Yesterday the gold equities outperformed the S&P 500 by over 900 basis points.  The stock market was clobbered and the precious metal complex spiked and then continued to rally.  The drivers were the some poor overseas economic reports, punctuated by the jobs report disaster stateside.  The realization occurred stimulus is closer at hand, and printing is the main option.

The race to the bottom is accelerating.  Japan considers yen intervention at 24/7 Wall Street.  Brazil cut rates via Marketwatch.  Remember when Central Banks would raise rates to defend the currency?  Denmark cut twice in two weeks to defend the currency (WSJ).  India has a lot of problems at Business Insider.  China looks for targeted stimulus at Reuters.  Must the Fed and European problems be noted too?

Global Gold Mining Trends by Scott Wright at Zeal.

Richard Russell at Financial Sense.  Gold in Euro’s, prior to yesterday:  Robert Sinn  The generalists misunderstand gold and goldbugs as people:  Reformed Broker.

Did gold just declare its next $250 move?  Peter Brandt  More technical analysis by chessNwine.