Raymond James Energy Stat of the Week: Is Brazil really on track to double oil production by 2020?  Raymond James

Pipelines to Profits at Barrons.  (Google the title to be able to read the full story.)  With bond prices so high, MLP’s are pricey on an absolute basis.

A crash course on the Keystone XL Pipeline:  Visual Capitalist

Saudi’s unlikely to cut production soon with an OPEC producers fiscal break-even chart at Reuters.  Hat tip doomonyou at Investor Village.

Peak Oil Review:  Energy Bulletin

Haynesville rig count -1 to 37, down about 100 year over year and over 140 from the peak:  Haynesville Play

Money talks.  British Columbia looks at shale gas for the royalties.  Financial Post

Energy and materials got you down?  Her is why, with multi-decade sector weightings at Bespoke.

Worst week ever for economic indicators?  Bespoke