Gas, Coal and Economy

Today the investor can waste time watching ‘business news’ being reported from the mall, or you can spend 15 minutes with Independent Stock Analysis: 

NatGas Inventories Begin Falling Fast, Cold Snap May Send Prices Surging Above $4 Fast at HAI.  Interestingly, in two weeks the January contract will become the front month and is already trading at $4.02.

The Shift To Natural Gas Vehicles Is Happening at Forbes.  The author is talking his book…

North America’s largest natural gas producer, Encana (ECA), has several pages worthwhile NG supply and demand slides starting on page 17 of its recent investors presentation.

More on the “Nearly 1,200 new coal-fired power plants are being planned across the globe” at Marketwatch.  “Despite the slow death of coal in the US, it’s gaining new life around the world, especially in developing countries” at Energy Digital.

Avoid Australia:  Mining.

A look at trading range charts for ten major commodities:  Bespoke.

This is not hyperbole:  The Genius Who Invented Economics Blogging Reveals How He Got Everything Right  And What’s Coming Next at Business Insider.

Here’s What’s Going OnJoe Weisenthal2 charts that put the housing recovery in perspective by James PethokoukisRail Traffic Rises at Value Plays.

Stock trading ends at 1pm today.  Enjoy the balance of your weekend.