Cyber Energy

I trust members used the weekend to get caught up on the heavy reading presented at Independent Stock Analysis.  In honor of cyber Monday, consider subscribing for $100 a year.  Now we’re back at it as we continue to examine our thesis.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year…for Stocks by Frank Holmes.

From the front page of the mainstream on Friday:  U.S. set for fracking bonanza, says historian Ferguson.  The article really should have been written using the term ‘horizontal drilling’ instead of ‘fracking’.  “Conceivably it does mean a new golden age.”

Be wary of the pessimistic charlatans Art Berman and Bill Powers:  The Big Deal About U.S. Energy Self-Sufficiency.  Yet Maugeri is overly optimistic.

Be sure to note Vehicle Miles Driven by Doug Short.  How about California at Peak Fish?  Today’s oil price deck, against a decade ago, has changed behavior.  If worldwide oil demand was marching ever higher ISA would be a raging oil bull.  It’s not.

What we missed in the global energy report at the Globe and Mail.

U.S. Rig Count: +8 to 1,817 at HP.

Year on Year Storage Withdrawal Still Bullish but Weather Forecast Moderating by Kyle Cooper.

“UNG (Nat Gas) is charging up to an interesting level and looking bullish.”  Chart

Natural gas up nearly 100% from April lows at Sober Look.

ISA points out U.S. shale gas exports would crash the oil indexed LNG pricing regime if given a chance.  Worldwide LNG imports could be set for shock contraction at Interfax.

At some point, the numbers will actually become meaningful as Natural gas drillers target US truck, bus market at Yahoo.

“From a technical perspective, gold bulls appear to be back in charge” at BespokeWhere Is Gold Headed From Here? (Invested CentralSilver and Gold into Christmas (Greg Harmon).  Monthly Charts Clarify Prognosis for Gold & Silver at Daily Gold.

Nathan:  Buffett: Three Chapters Investors Should Read.  Consider chapter 8 (Mr. Market) and chapter 20 (Margin of Safety) of Graham’s The Intelligent Investor.  The third is chapter 12 of Keynes’ General Theory.