Energy Catch-Up

Oil Trades Near Four-Month Low on Demand Concern at Bloomberg.

Obama’s Next Steps on Energy and Climate (NYT).  That’s one side.  A piercing look at the US Bureau of Land Management from the unreliable Casey Research.

“President Obama has gained a second term in which a shale gas and oil boom seems likely to write a new chapter in America’s energy future with or without help from a politically fractured Washington, D.C.”  EE News

Exxon Mobil changes its mind on Iraq:  “Exxon Mobil has informed the Iraqi government it wants to pull out of a $50 billion oil project, and Baghdad expelled Turkey’s state oil operator from another contract on Wednesday, both signals of trouble in Iraq’s petroleum policy.”  Reuters

“Fuel economy of all new vehicles sold in the U.S. is at its highest level ever…New vehicle sales showed a 4-mpg gain from October 2007 to October 2012, an improvement of about 20 percent.”  Edmonds

For John:  Why Ford is more profitable than GM at Auto News.

Study: Alberta has huge shale resources at Upstream Online.

A Look At North America’s Oil And Gas Plays at Forex Pros.

A steel producer gets into the natural gas business…Nucor and ECA.

A bit old, but Maison Energy Monthly at Energy Talks.

2 thoughts on “Energy Catch-Up

  1. Nice read about the BLM fracking regulations.

    Mr Butler, I read your prior link on fracking (German) and despite some issues most of them were not related to fracking itself, they deemed the act of fracking safe. I had no idea, that drillers used triple casing and double cement lining.

    I do support the elimination of all possible contamination, but not to the point wherein production is destroyed.

    What about all the oil drippings coming from motor vehicles ? These visible carbon formations are in all parking lots and roadways. Perhaps the BLM and the EPA, could set up a joint strike force to address the runoff of contaminates, from what Greenpeace calls vehicle carbon droppings.

    Please, everyone, rest assured that through the use of the Clear Water & Air & Soil Act, the EPA will be regulating fracking. After all, one good frack deserve another. EPA – Green & Mean! Besides, the consumer is use to $3.oo per gallon petrol.

  2. The direction the government goes to regulate fracking shall be interesting.

    Just remember, markets trump governments.
    For example, a ban on fracking (won’t happen imo) would mean natural gas prices go to the moon…instantly.

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