Combine Markets

A constructive look at the election and recovery:  Todd Sullivan.  Alternatively, the case to get more defensive:  Josh Brown.

ISA typically has no opinion on recession or market direction.  Yet ISA notes because the macro environment consists of leverage -a debt bubble- the next recession will be a doozy and will usher in unprecedented printing.  Perhaps the best bargains since I was in kindergarten will be available.  Distressed Debt Investing:

“A market rising for non-fundamental reasons (i.e., QE and ECB bond repurchases) is always one that demands a healthy dose of skepticism.”

“The next bankruptcy cycle, whether in 2 or 3 or 4 years, is going to be one for the ages. Count on it.”

Yet, the wait could be quite a while.  October home prices rise 2.9% as rents soar above 5% at Housing Wire.

Commodity re-balancing:  Sober Look.  Rick Rule on uranium at Daily Wealth.

Crazy Question “Are We in a Farmland Real Estate Bubble?” at Dollars and Dirt:

Combine harvester pulled by 33 horses, Walla Walla, ca. 1902:
File:Combine harvester pulled by 33 horses, Walla Walla, ca. 1902 c.jpg