“Since peak demand in 2007, consumption of the commodity everyone loves to hate is down 14 per cent or about 3.0 million barrels a day in the United States.”  The internet sure is changing the world.  Peter Tertzakian for the Globe and Mail.

Energy efficiency is a big deal too.  EIA

Bakken estimates keep getting larger.  Is 900 billion barrels OOIP and a recovery factor of 8% possible?  Million Dollar Way

Tom Whipple’s Peak Oil Review.

Shell says oil theft costs it 43,000 barrels a day in Nigeria.  That’s a nice sized E&P.  Globe and Mail

The equity markets are effectively closed to Chesapeake.  Now so are the debt markets:  “Trading in Chesapeake debt securities was active with bonds maturing in 2020 being quoted around 91.50 cents and 92.50 cents on the dollar.”  Reuters  Aubrey has been a shrewd seller to this point, and the perception may work against him imo.  Bloomberg

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