Christmas Eve Chart-fest

CHRISTMAS PRICE INDEX SURGES 4.8 PERCENT IN 2012:  “Prices for Six Items in “The Twelve Days of Christmas” Song on Par With 2011, But Drought Causes Swans and Geese Prices to Soar” by PNC.

Everything You Need To Know About the Economy in 2012, in 34 Charts at The Atlantic.

“Here’s a collection of 10 charts that tell a story of an economy that continues to improve on the margin.”  Scott Grannis

“Given that we expect rail traffic to fall off at the end of the year as it traditionally does, traffic readings remaining this stubbornly high gives me increasing optimism for not only Q4 but going into Q1 2013.”  Value Plays

Kyle Bass on the End of the Debt Supercycle in Japan at Financial Sense.

Adam Ferguson on Life in Hyperinflation at History SquaredWEIMAR: Here’s What We Know About The Hyperinflation Horror Story That Haunts  Europe Today at Business Insider.  Yet I am more optimistic on the economy than anytime in the last eight years.

TV is Next at Sum Zero.

Wall Street’s Biggest Geniuses Reveal Their Favorite Charts Of 2012 at Business Insider.

A Long Term View On….Crude Oil by Greg Harmon.


OPEC Oil Production mbpd 2007-2012

For Nathan:  Your most brutal teacher at Life Health.

A merry Christmas to all ISA members.

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