Breakaway Energy Surplus

“The New Year’s Day breakaway gap — if not filled — could lead to an entire year of upside gain”  Peter Brandt 

“As we enter 2013, the major theme for U.S. hydrocarbon markets must be “surplus”.”  RBN Energy

Irony:  Short term bullish, but not the mark of a bull market:  “Opec crude oil production declined to a nine-month low in December as Saudi Arabian output dropped to the least in more than a year.”  The National

Maybe a bit cheesy:  Blackstone investment guru has good news for gold bugs, nasty surprise for oil investors (Mining).

U.S. gasoline averaged record high in 2012 (Fuel Fix).

Optimal Oil Production and the World Supply of Oil:  “In this paper we investigate the optimal oil extraction strategy of a small oil producer facing uncertain oil prices.”  Scribd

For some time the E&P executives have been saying they can’t crash the world oil price like they did to North American natural gas.  Hmmm.  From Mark Perry:


“Non-OPEC crude production is set to outpace OPEC output over the next decade, driven by higher Canadian oil sands and American shale oil production, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).”  Financial Post:

Stocks to soar as world money catches fire, Calvinst Europe left behind“Bears beware. A monetary revolution is underway.”  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in the Telegraph.

Gold Miners Looking For A Major Turnaround at Next Big Trade:


Some (like John Embry) expect the precious metals complex to have a fantastic 2013.  So does ISA.  But is the end closer than the beginning?:

Economic growth by John Mauldin.

Year End_Global Equity Annual

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  1. Very interesting ideas from both Mr Wiem and RBN Energy…

    We continue to track corn, beans and wheat, for a possible entry point as most of the central states are still suffering from extreme shortage of moisture…

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