Big Picture Energy

North Dakata production booming, being representative of the Bakken.  Be sure to click on the charts.  Mark J Perry

Seaway helps bridge record oil gap, but analysts far apart:  Much info at Reuters

Gas prices by country:  Barry Ritholtz

Rebirth of natural gas feedstock demand:  RBN Energy

“A strong appetite for cleaner vehicles has driven up demand for natural gas. The number of natural gas-powered vehicles in China has surged from 10,000 in 2000 to more than a million last year, making the country the fourth largest natural gas-powered auto market in Asia and sixth largest in the world.”  These cities with 10+million people need cleaner air and LPG and NGV’s would help.  The China Perspective

A ridiculous amount of easy to scan information in 2012 Energy in Charts:  API