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Employment Report Comments and more Graphs by Bill McBride.  See his Employment Graphs.

I’m sure yesterday the talking heads and media took the day off from the fiscal cliff and debt ceiling to pontificate over the employment report.  NFP Day: The Most Over-Analyzed, Over-Emphasized, Least-Understood Data Point by Ritholtz.

From today’s employment report: Manufacturing, housing and energy sectors all show job gains in December by Mark Perry.

Five Takeaways From December Jobs Report (WSJ).  Why Flat 7.8% Jobless Rate Isn’t All Bad News (WSJ).

“Job cuts in 2012 were the lowest yearly total since 1997, due in large part to the slow pace of downsizing in the third quarter, layoff consultant Challenger, Gray & Christmas said.”  Marketwatch

Weekly Initial Unemployment Claims increase to 372,000 at Calculated Risk.

“Canada’s jobs picture continues to surprise on the upside.”  Globe and Mail

Median income at the WSJ.

‘Choosing’ to Work Part-Time at CEPR.  Unemployment and Fed policy:  Sober Look.

2.1 million: The number of Americans who will lose their jobless benefits on January 1 if Congress doesn’t extend emergency unemployment programs.” (WSJ).  Well, the can was kicked down the road for two months.  Many choose to accept unemployment compensation rather than work for a slightly high amount.

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