A Feast:

Thirty four shale gas reports:  No Hot Air.

ISA believes the promise of Iraqi oil will always remain an empty (Business Insider).  And as for California shale oil, well, good luck trying to drill 10’s of thousands of wells on on 10 acre spacing in a place where they ‘do goofy things’ according to my uncle.  UT San Diego

The point of this article is climate change.  ISA can’t get past the idea of 1200 coal plants being planned worldwide.  (Guardian).  Simultaneously, China is set to become the world’s largest nuclear power generator by 2020 and produce more nuclear electricity in 2050 than the entire world today.  Economic Times

No wonder Jeremy Granthom cites resource costs (read commodities)as a chief long term economic headwind.  GMO

SNAP is out of Control by Scott Grannis.  Well, American manufacturing is coming back. Manufacturing jobs aren’t at the Washington Post.

“…Europe entered a new recession a year ago, dating the business cycle peak at 2011:Q3.  Interestingly, although Europe had been in the expansion phase over 2009:Q3-2011:Q4, real GDP still had not yet returned to its 2008:Q1 peak before the current recession began.”  Econbrowser

Currently stateside, however, the Housing market continues to improve with some great charts by Scott Grannis.  And then Housing Starts in U.S. Increase to Four-Year High at Bloomberg.  The calls are for more and substantial improvement:  Household formation to boost housing starts – assuming government funding stays intact at Sober Look.

Double, Bubble, Soil and Trouble?  WSJ.  (Google the title to be able to read it.)  Deere has always seemed to be Don Coxe’s favorite agriculture investment.  Buffett Has Plenty of Company, Among Fund Managers, in Buying Deere: Here’s Why at Ycharts.

While some of us are in Church Thursday morning, the rest of the world could set a record for internet usage.  No worries, ISA has posts scheduled throughout the balance of the week.