Wheat from the Chaff

Conspiratorial precious metal bloggers were taken on by Kid Dynamite.  Meanwhile, while those guys argue how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, Fed’s Evans Urges Near-Zero Rates Until 6.5% Jobless as “Evans’ shift today underscores the FOMC’s progress toward a consensus…”  Business Week

Why $16 Trillion Only Hints at the True U.S. Debt at the WSJ.

“Gold prices on Saturday hit a new all-time high in the spot market here…” in Indian rupee’s (Business Standard).  India 2012 gold demand likely to rise 23% at Marketwatch.

The 12 year old gold bull market measured by the monetary base and such by Aden Research.  Or does Gold looks expensive? by Scott Grannis.

Dow Jones To Gold Price Ratio Near Decade Low at GSW.

The latest from Grant Williams.

I am long gold and I am short gold mining equities. There is no rationale for owning gold mining equities. It is as close as you get to insanity.”  say Hugh Henry.  Maybe.

Rick Rule: Be a Risk Manager, Not a Reward Chaser at the Gold Report.

Since high school (two decades ago!) I have always had a soft spot for the well done businessman expose:  Rich Kinder’s Energy Kingdom at Forbes.

I have not listened to it, but How to Live Comfortably in a Low Interest Rate Environment is by Jim Puplava and he always has intelligent commentary.

Farmland:  A Bubble to Remember – and Anticipate at AEI.

“As a short-term retail trader, you are a high school football player, without a helmet, in the middle of an NFL game.” at Zen PennyMy Advice To A Failing Trader by Brian ClundLuck and Skill Untangled: The Science of Success at Wired.