PM’s to the Front of the Line

Since inception, Independent Stock Analysis has closely monitored the precious metal markets.  The bottoming out of the sector and recent breakout calls have been noted.  Until China re-accelerates, which is not expected soon, consider the idea gold and especially silver will lead the commodity complex.  Feel like you missed the move?  It’s very early following a long consolidation according to Peter Schiff (video).

Commentators seem focused on the Fed, including Bill Gross at CNBC.  Perhaps the next big prints come from the ECB (Reuters) or Great Britain.

QE3 and the looming currency war:  An unstable situation could worsen at Marketwatch.  Currency wars are the stuff of speculative mania’s…

The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream:  “In the ferment within today’s Republican Party, there’s a growing realization that America’s system of fiat money is part of the economic problem.”  WSJ  In-depth with Jim Grant at Bloomberg.

Scott Wright takes a look at the GDX (Zeal).  I, JJ Butler, briefly considered SLW (SA).

Key levels to watch at King World News.

Commentary and charts on yesterday’s gold and silver moves:  Gold Tent.


1 thought on “PM’s to the Front of the Line

  1. Happy and a most joyous unemployment day, everyone..

    Will shall be long silver, until President Romney is installed..

    If spending and taxes are addressed and pronto, then the runs in comods, especially PMs are done…

    Long the Dollar, short the metals….

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