Hyperinflations, Hysteria, and False Memories by James Montier with a different view.

The goldbugs are always bullish, so Time to Buy Precious Metals Now at Daily GoldBig Investors Differ on Gold’s Prospects (WSJ).  But the charts are broken.

A week old, but Stocks and Commodities Update a Short Side of Long.

A flood on water by the promotional Casey Research.

“…the economy continues to grow. In fact continued strength is seen in auto, metal, and stone & related products categories (think manufacturing and construction) which bodes very well going forward.”  Value Plays

“2012 US oil consumption fully on track to have fallen 14% from the 2005 high.”

Global Average Annual Crude Oil Production mbpd 2002 - 2012
Cameco (CCJ) Rises as Other Miners Fall
Secular bear markets end with fantastic valuations:
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