Saturday Gold Bugs

I look for the public pension problems to get papered over later this decade:  WSJ.  Practically speaking, central bank cooperating means easy policy at a faster pace.  WSJ

As states and city’s go bankrupt (Mish), remember gold is no one’s liability.

Coming: The End of Fiat Money is an outstanding interview with Stephanie Pomboy at Barron’s.  (Google the title to read the whole article)

Global QE Is Coming: Let the Gold Mania Begin! by Chris Puplava at Financial Sense.

Gold Q2, 2012 – Investment Statistics And Commentary at Zero Hedge.

Gold 22% Rally to Record Seen by Eric Sprott: Commodities at Bloomberg.

Chinese gold imports:  GMN

Silver Undervalued by Zeal.  The life savings of my toddler consists of three silver eagles and a few dollars.

John Doody is starting a silver letter at his Gold Stock AnalystHere is the commercial.  In precious metal bull markets silver lags until the tail end speculative phase…