Rest to Recharge

I am taking a few days off to relax and recharge.  This is post #215 with hardly an afternoon off.  While I am up north, perhaps you will notice the value Independent Stock Analysis has been providing you.

The content on ISA consists of what I deem worthwhile in the markets.  I sort through the investment sludge on the internet and present the good stuff.  Even the quality free investment websites skew heavily toward being skeletons with no meat on their bones.  My afternoon coal posts are as educational and actionable as any commentary available on the web.

Under the theory the stock market is deep into a secular bear market, Independent Stock Analysis has been focusing on the commodity bull market.  To this point early morning posts have focused on oil and gas.  The industrialization of China theme is currently beat down, and we are watching it closely.  Precious metals deserve attention in a world of fiat trouble.  In June ISA became interested in coal and has been continually examining the sector as we patiently wait to get involved in the right coal stocks.  ISA‘s focus will slowly shift with my perception of opportunity and value in the markets.

Since inception Independent Stock Analysis was intended to supplement my investment and speculation income.  In a couple of weeks Independent Stock Analysis will become a subscription website.  Most posts will be reserved for paying premium members.  Only periodically will posts will be publicly available.

Pricing will be $10 a month reoccurring on your credit card or $100 a year up front and not reoccurring.  PayPal will handle all transactions.

Readers can continue to expect:

  • Honest and objective investment assessment.
  • Investment information and education aggregated.
  • A fantastic productivity tool.

ISA members will not be subject to:

  • Promotional misinformation garbage (like this).
  • Get rich quick hot tips.
  • Time wasting and political commentary.

While I am away, feel free to poke around ISA.  There is a search button in the upper right corner.  Here are my about and disclaimer pages.  Categories most prevalent are coal, oil and gold.  Two tidbits on me.

Email and FeedBurner subscribers will continue to receive the free posts without being bombarded by promotional material.  If tomorrow, while scouring for investment information you find you miss Independent Stock Analysis, then you’ll know an ISA membership is for you.  I’ll try not to get too much sun.

~JJ Butler

1 thought on “Rest to Recharge

  1. I have enjoyed and learned a great deal (coal) since coming to ISA. (sounds like a government agency)

    I suspect, Mr Butler, that you spend a great deal of your
    daily hours keeping the information flowing.

    Since all of our current investments favor comods, your website along with it’s work, is of important value to us. Unfortunately, I do not do Paybuddy, so I am hoping you
    will accept checks as a form of payment!

    I am a paid member of the Kirk Report and pay via check.

    So I hope, you will be like the Federal Reserve and be accommodating.

    In any event, Mr Butler, I do wish you well, as more investors need sites like yours. Time saving in itself is worth the monthly fee.

    Kindest regards,

    Hans Nieder

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