Print Economy

The anticipation of aggressive monetary expansion by the Fed woke up inflation expectations (Sober Look).  Euro zone enters dangerous week buoyed by ECB (Reuters).  European political theater aside (Telegraph), the ECB money printing is illegal (Testosterone Pit).  Independent Central Banks?  R.I.P (Marc to Market).

Hu Says China’s Growth Is Facing ‘Notable Downward Pressure’ (Bloomberg).  Sock City’s decline may reveal an unravelling in China’s economy (Guardian).  Copper over iron ore:  Mining.  Three dividend paying materials stocks:  Dividend Yield.

In spite of spooky stories showing policy maker impotence like Need for Action on Fiscal Cliff Comes from Alternate Tax (Bloomberg),  stateside the Economic Surprise Index has turned positive (Sober Look).  It’s Been Almost A Year Since Lakshman Achuthan Made His Recession Call (Business Insider).