Oil & Gasoline

Oil Declines for a Second Day as Stockpiles Rise, Storm Weakens at Bloomberg.

Hurricane Isaac and shut in production:  EIA.

Why Gasoline Prices Are Volatile:  “Boutique fuel requirements have balkanized the gasoline market, magnifying the effects of local supply disruptions.”  Percolator

Venezuela struggling to restart their largest oil refinery could keep gasoline prices higher longer than expected.  Reuters

Gas prices by country at Bloomberg.  Unfortunately it’s a slide-show.

Oil sands in Utah?  Don’t get too excited.  I calculate the project to be 1826 barrels a day and I would be surprised if the project was economic.  CBS News

Members, that’s all this morning.  I have a small web bug to get fixed!

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  1. J.J.
    Thanks for the great insight you continue to display in the commodity markets. Although you continue to provide updates on what is happening in the oil and gas markets, I am looking for your thoughts on propane. Two of the larger players I watch are Ferrelgas and Amerigas. Both pay nice dividends with long histories. Although the price of propane is certainly depressed, what do you see as far as price and the growth in that market?

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