Oil from 20,000 meters

Kurt Cobb has a decent series on world oil supply:

Why the oil industry doesn’t want you to remember the last 14 years

Has OPEC misled us about the size of its oil reserves? Does it matter?

Tar sands, oil shale, and heavy oil: Why the conventional wisdom about unconventional oil is likely to be wrong

Global oil exports in decline since 2006: What will importing nations do?

Separately:  “Liz Ann Sonders of Schwab says we’re at an inflection point in the US economy.  That’s right.  She says we’ve missed the recession entirely, diverged from Europe and are now in an environment that reminds here of 1998.   She offers 6 supporting points for her bullish thesis:”  Schwab.


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  1. Kurt Cobb works for the oildrum….Nothing to see hear volks, please move along…He is more than likely a Neo-Peaker…

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