NGDP vs Helicopters

Following two days of trading lower, the precious metals complex opened sharply down today before rebounding to this point.  Chess’s take this morning.

“Chicago Federal Reserve Bank President Charles Evans on Tuesday reiterated his support for the U.S. central bank’s bold new push to lower borrowing costs and boost the so far “disappointing” recovery, and said the Fed should do even more.”  Reuters

ISA readers are aware of NGDP (nominal GDP targeting) looks to be the next policy response in the toolkit.  The Fallacy of Nominal GDP Targeting at Financial Sense.

Column: Why not drop money out of a helicopter?  “The Federal Reserve should give people free money. People would spend this money, increasing demand for goods and services, causing employers to hire additional workers to meet this increased demand and reducing unemployment in the economy overall.”  USA Today  Yes, Virginia, in the mainstream USA Today as a serious idea.

Morgan Stanley: QE3 Not Enough to Help Equities, Look For QE4 at Barron’s.


1 thought on “NGDP vs Helicopters

  1. The Environmentalists, are opposed to dropping of monies from helicopters, stating ” we are opposed to this carbon intervention by the Central Bank, which will have an inverse effect.”

    BTW, I now truly enjoy reading the USAT because it is nearly ad free! As a Conservative, I do feel rather guilty, however, that someone, somewhere, unknowingly, is subsidizing my pleasures…

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