Naming Names

At lunch this week a friend asked “What’s your best idea?”

Well, this is not necessarily a direction I want Independent Stock Analysis to travel.  But the question was being asked, again.  I’m here to help understand our investment world.  Those penny stock advertisements you see elsewhere are the antithesis of ISA.  One member told me his trading activity has been reduced by 3/4’s since subscribing.  Good!

Next, my expectation would be members already have a strong feel for my best ideas.  Perhaps naming names can be consistent with the ISA educational focus, while still avoiding being promotional.

Further, maybe ISA is posting to much.  Are members skipping a lot?  Would trimming the edges be a good idea?  Is too much information presented so the message is lost?

For the record, UPL and SLW are my best ideas.  TCK is my favorite China play, though you know ISA is less sanguine on the industrialization meme for the moment.  Thermal coal remains interesting and CLD has been my favorite while being a conservative investment in the space.  As for oil…think gas!

Ironically, my thought process has never been clearer.  You know, writing is thinking

Enjoy some Saturday reading:

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Chart of the Day

Off topic:  “the Obama-Romney fight is child’s play in comparison to some political campaigns of the past.”  Sober Look

3 thoughts on “Naming Names

  1. “Further, maybe ISA is posting to much. Are members skipping a lot? ” NO!

    “Would trimming the edges be a good idea?”

    ” Is too much information presented so the message is lost?” NEYT!

    Keep pouring it on, Boss!

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I know only too well the dangers of stock picking. Things change and what I recommend one month might not be a good idea the next month. Also, I don’t want you to become a “penny stock” source — “This stock will go up 346% in the next 31 1/2 days!” However, you have written some fine individual stock analysis in the past. Your piece on Magnum Hunter comes to mind. As long as you qualify it (there is nothing sure in the market and themes change…), I think that occasionally a write up like that would be helpful.

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