More Oil than Gas

Oil Drops From Nine-Week High on Signs Demand May Weaken at Bloomberg.

Oil prices will have a lot to say about how quickly U.S. unconventional production surpasses OPEC’s second and third largest producers:  Petroleum Economist.  The independent producers, after all, are still on the steep part of the learning curve:  E&P Magazine.

Why The World Is Coming For America’s OilForbes.

Watch OPEC net exports:  “Saudi Arabia’s population grew less than 10% over the last decade while domestic oil consumption skyrocketed to nearly three million barrels per day.”  E&C

About 44% of U.S. refinery capacity is along the gulf coast:  EIA  U.S. oil production by state:  EIA.

George Mitchell’s thoughts on a variety of ideas:  Forbes.

The U.S. natural gas net import trend will continue into this year:  EIA

Natural gas vehicles in your garage are not coming anytime soon.  The $2.3 million government grant is a farce.  Business Week

Energy and Materials benefit from low expectations come earnings:  Bespoke.