Natural Gas Vehicles:  Raymond James Energy Stat of the Week

Missing from the Export Land Model is the new booming US oil production growth.  Saudi Arabia and solar power?  Peak Oil

Economist Mark J. Perry posts on oil:

1) Peak What?

2)  Green River Formation  (Newfield NFX) loves the Uinta)

3)  Using the Bakken boom to pimp economic policy.

Sinopec In Talks with US, Canada Cos for Unconventional Oil.  Rigzone

Typically the Materials sector rallies when China loosens monetary policy.  Today doesn’t look good.  Bloomberg

Since I opined on Friday, Chesapeake said they can’t sell assets to fund the capex gap because of debt covenants, the stock tanked, Goldman is loaning them $3 billion, Carl Icahn is a disclosing a stake and now a fund manager is calling for Aubrey’s head (per CNBC).  And my call Aubrey will not be there is month seemed audacious!  Chesapeake hosts a 8:30am EST conference call.